Beauty Basics

 Miriah here! I am the beauty and skincare enthusiast of this duo, and I wanted to share my top three basic must-have beauty products. No matter what season or occasion, these three products are sure to become your new favorites: Brow Zings … Continue reading

I Got It From My Momma(s)

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. First off, we promised a final Challah Stuffed French Toast picture and without further adieu…. Lucky for us, our moms are a short 45 min plane ride north of … Continue reading

Breakfast in Bed

We want to explain a little bit of how we eat, ie. Paleo and Whole30 lifestyle; however, before we do we wanna share a delicious little recipe for you to make for your momma this Sunday. (Be sure to look … Continue reading

Venice Beach

With the high temperatures last week we thought beach season was finally upon us, so we packed our bags and headed west to one of the weirdest beach towns possibly on Earth…Venice Beach. The land of individuality, half naked super buff … Continue reading

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We were gifted some baseline tickets to the Dodgers vs. Giants baseball game last night. Miriah, being a Giant’s fan, dressed in all black with a pop of Orange in her platform sandals to show team spirit without being completely harassed at … Continue reading

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Happy Sunday! We’re gonna be a little cheesy, but this past month has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. We feel so grateful and overwhelmed by the massive amount of support and encouragement we have received from family, friends, … Continue reading

Hollywood Hills

We had every intention of lying beach side under the glowing sun yesterday, but life happened and our plans fell through. Also, we strayed a little (a lot) from our Paleo lifestyle last week and we have both been feeling … Continue reading

All Aboard

Last Sunday, Lexi’s momma (Azar) was in town to celebrate her birthday with us; so we took the opportunity to explore the Queen Mary and have brunch at The Tea Room aboard the ship. Lunch was absolutely delicious, the weather … Continue reading

Hat’s Off

Have you ever just completely obsessed over something until you finally broke down and bought it? That’s exactly the deal with Lexi and her “perfect” (self-proclaimed) hat. We found it on the perfect lazy Sunday in a Huntington Beach boutique … Continue reading

Urban Light

The best thing about living in Los Angeles is the fact that there are countless things to do and/or see every second of the day. To take advantage of the beautiful day, we spent our Saturday exploring the LACMA and … Continue reading