Abbot Kinney

We set out to Abbot Kinney in Venice for a beach day photo shoot adventure on Saturday and maybe we were a little too excited that the weather was so nice, because we ended up with a shortage of pictures … Continue reading

Suit Up for Summer

You guys, June 21st marks the Summer Solstice which means: 1. Summer has finally arrived and 2. it’s beach season! Can you believe it’s already six months passed all the forgotten New Year’s resolutions and halfway through the year? The … Continue reading

Weekend Getaway

DAY ONE: SAN LUIS OBISPO (CAL POLY GRADUATION) DAY TWO: SANTA BARBARA (STATE STREET PIT STOP) As we mentioned in our last post “Good Eats“, we were able to escape from the depressing leftover hurricane weather in LA with a … Continue reading

Have you heard?

We’re always on the lookout for new music; and we thought you may be too! We’ve got an eclectic taste in music, to say the least–ranging from rap to indie to alternative to a little pop. We will basically listen … Continue reading

Good Eats

We’ve decided to get a little more personal and describe how we typically eat on a day to day basis. As we’ve mentioned before, we lead a healthy lifestyle (ehem…the majority of the time—from time to time ya girl’s just need … Continue reading

Hollywood Farmers Market

We were heartbroken to hear that our favorite farmers market would not be open this year for some mysterious reason…but we wasted no time sulking and quickly found a new favorite. Lucky for us, the Hollywood Farmers Market is walking distance from … Continue reading