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 About a month ago, we decided it was time to pull a Chandler Bing and quit the gym. We were only really going for our weekly Yoga class, the sauna, and the occasional cardio session. Then, when our favorite yoga instructor stopped showing and sent insane-yoga-robot-Barbie in his place, we absolved ourselves of any guilt and stood strong in our breakup. Don’t get us wrong, the gym is a great routine to have for some, but the two of us have never been partial to mundane workout “routines”. The workout has to be exciting enough to keep us interested and intense enough to make us sore and see actual results.


We started out last September with two rounds of Kayla Itsine’s BBG training, but have since moved on to the Beachbody 21 Day Fix. We just finished week two of three! On top of that we’ve been getting out for walks, hikes, and “runs” (aka slow jogs where we tire out after getting a side cramp and fast walk again…we’re shameful, we know) when we can. We are very fond of being outside for exercise. We’d take a four mile hike in the hills at Griffith over our 45 minute max. cardio running idle at the gym any day–but we usually reserve those for the weekends. On week nights after work we force our lazy bums on an hour walk/”run” around the local neighborhood with some of the most drool-worthy mansions to walk (and talk) it out. We split our time walking with lunging and tricep dips along the way. It’s beautiful, refreshing, and so very relaxing. We’re always much happier that we did it than when we don’t.

Always and Forever,

Lexi & Miriah

Outfit Details:

On Lexi: “I don’t play nice” tank (gift) | Marshalls sports bra | NIKE Dri-FIT cropped pants | NIKE Trail running shoes

On Miriah: Victoria’s PINK Secret tank | Target sports bra | Victoria’s Secret PINK cropped leggings | NIKE running shoes