Give Good Face: DIY Sugar Scrub


There’s so much damage done to our skin by elements beyond our control–whether it be sun damage, dirt, or simply aging. This is why we take the extra time to take care of ours. We’re always on the lookout for natural face clearing treatments within our budget. With no real luck finding any product that fit our qualifications, we were compelled to create our own recipe using the most common ingredients in all the most popular face scrubs. We’ve continued to adapt it to fit our specific needs and we think we’ve got a winning recipe. It’s an absolute miracle worker.

In a small bowl combine: 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 tbsp cinnamon, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 tsp coconut oil, a couple drops tea tree oil (about 2-3). Combine the dry ingredients then add the oils and honey; mix well. The consistency will be very thick, but there should be no dry brown sugar left in the mixture. To use the scrub: dampen your face and scoop a little bit of the scrub with your hand–over the sink work better because it gets a little messy! Gently massage the scrub on your face in a circular motion, avoiding direct contact on your eyes because the tea tree oil will sting, we promise. Rinse clean with warm water. After rinsing thoroughly, you can wash your face with a gentle cleanser (recommended if you have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts) or go about your beauty routine as usual (the oils will be absorbed within a few minutes). Store in a sealed container. We use our scrub in our morning beauty routine about 3-4 times a week for a refreshed, clean start to our day. We just did it this morning and our faces are literally smoother than a baby’s bottom!

Coconut oil is a powerhouse. We literally use it for everything from cooking/baking to “oil pulling” to makeup remover (amongst many others–we will dedicate a post to the multi-use oil later). Coconut oil is perfect for skincare products because 1. it’s extremely moisturizing and 2. it has antibacterial and anti-aging properties. Bonus points!

Brown sugar acts as a gentle exfoliator in the scrub. It helps rids your face of excess dirt and dead cells leaving behind fresh, glowing skin.

Honey is another exfoliating ingredient. It’s loaded with antioxidants that help to cleanse and hydrate your skin, and is also said to have natural antibacterial and scar-fading properties.

Cinnamon is known to fight acne by drying out the skin, while bring the blood and oxygen to the surface helping to plump the skin, naturally preventing wrinkles.

Tea tree oil gives the scrub that extra kick for a refreshed minty feeling! It also fights to reduce redness and prevent infections.

Now, if that doesn’t make you want to dump your chemically ridden beauty products and jump on board the DIY express, we don’t know what will.

We wanna know how much you love your scrub! Let us know in the comments below. Also hashtag #thedoubletakestyle on instagram so we can see you glowing fresh-faced selfies!

Always and Forever,

Lexi & Miriah