I Got It From My Momma(s)

Happy Monday everyone!

We hope you all had a fabulous weekend. First off, we promised a final Challah Stuffed French Toast picture and without further adieu….

Lucky for us, our moms are a short 45 min plane ride north of us; so this past weekend we headed up to Sonoma County to visit them for Mother’s Day. We each spent quality time with our families (separate, for once…we can be apart for short periods of time). Miriah braved a chilly morning in San Francisco to check out the “High Style” exhibit at the Legion of Honor (small, but an overall amazing display), while Lexi spent the weekend at Taft Street Winery (always a good time) and at her parent’s home, in Petaluma, relaxing with family and friends.

As far as either of us can remember our mom’s have always been so much more than just our moms. They’re our rocks, our #1 fans, our role models, and most importantly they’re our best friends. They’ve taught us the skills we need to survive and love in this crazy world; and we couldn’t be more grateful to them for that. We wanted to take some time to celebrate our moms for the amazing women that the are–mostly because they’re all truly far better mom’s than we’ve ever deserved or could ever have asked for.

Azar & Jen (Lexi’s moms)

Favorite Memory: When I was younger, Sundays in our household were family adventure days. We would always find somewhere new to get out and be active–whether it was hiking, kayaking, or biking. My parents wanted us to learn to lead a healthy life. My favorite time we ever spent hiking together was in Armstrong Woods, just north of Guerneville, Ca. It’s the most beautiful and peaceful environment to explore. Being an overweight child, I hated all things exercise. I was so unhappy about myself and life because I felt I couldn’t do anything to help myself. On our hikes, my moms always encouraged me to keeping going, even when I thought I was dying and I complained the whole way. After a few trips, these family hiking treks in the redwoods became so exciting for me because it felt like I was just in this calming, magical forest where anything was possible. I feel like this was what really helped me believe in myself again, and inspired me to lead a healthy life. I want them to know that I’m so grateful for these outings and their continuous love and encouragement.

Best Quality: Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind is my mom’s strength. She is by far the strongest woman I’ve ever known and probably will ever know. She has consistently been handed the short stick her entire life, yet has managed to always fight back and become this amazing and positive woman, despite everything. I admire her most for being able to teach me how to balance a tough skin and a passionate heart.

Best Quality: My favorite thing about Jen is how amazingly loving she is. She tries to have this ultra-tough exterior, but on the inside she’s a big ol’ softy. I mean she took on a relationship with a single mom who had two little brats 12 years ago (age 11 and age 8), and stuck it out for better or worse. For someone who never wanted children, she’s managed to become one of the three best moms in the entire universe (including Brigitte, of course).

Brigitte (Miriah’s mom)

Favorite Memory: For years I had been begging my mom for a cat, but was shut down time after time because we already had one (coincidentally named Lexi). Just after my tenth birthday, my mom left to run some errands around town. When she got back, she called me and told me to come down to the car to help her. As soon as I stepped out of the front door my mom was standing there holding a little white kitten. I was so excited and loved that little kitty more than anyone has ever loved a kitty… even when she killed my fish.

Best Quality: One of the things that I feel really stands out about my mom is her ability and willingness to take care of others. Being a single mother, she was always willing to drop what she was doing and be there for my sister or me at a moment notice. Although she worked full time and was commuting over an hour to and from work, she found a way to take part in all or most of our schools activities. No matter who steps into our lives, she finds a way to make them feel special and as if they were part of the family. Caring about others without ever expecting anything in return is a trait that I feel has been forgotten in today’s society, but something that I have learned from her and try to carry on.

We’ve got some pretty amazing momma’s in our lives, and we’re oh so happy to be their spitting images. We thank you all for everything you’ve done to love and support us past, present, and future. We love you.

Always and Forever,

Lexi & Miriah

Outfit Details:

On Lexi: Old Navy fitted tank | Apricot Clothing kimono cardigan | Forever 21 necklace | Alex & Ani bangles

On Miriah: Free People tank | H&M leather jacket | World Market infitiy scarf | Alex & Ani bangles | Forever 21 bracelet | Old Navy rockstar jeans | DB Shoes sneakers

On Azar: Venus cold shoulder top | Jennifer Lopez Collection blouse | Steve Padis engagement ring | Kohl’s necklace | GAP jeans

On Jen: Hurley tee | Seattle hat

On Brigitte: Pretty Good blouse | Target jacket | Vintage scarf | Tiffany & Co. necklace, bracelet, ring | Shane Co. engagement ring | Alex & Ani bangles | Scarlet Blvd denim | Franco Sarto boots


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  1. I want to publicly thank my daughter Lexi for an amazing Mother’s Day. I especially love the breakfast you make us every Mother’s Day. I cherish and enjoy every moment I spend with you. I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and hope nothing but the best for you in the future. I love you!!💜


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