Breakfast in Bed

We want to explain a little bit of how we eat, ie. Paleo and Whole30 lifestyle; however, before we do we wanna share a delicious little recipe for you to make for your momma this Sunday. (Be sure to look for the Paleo/Whole 30 introduction post in early June along with our favorite Paleo recipe!) Considering Miriah’s not quite the chef in our household (or any), this post comes to you from Lexi.

Every year, once a year, I work my baking magic in the early hours of Mother’s Day to prepare this delicious (totally tooting my own horn here) Challah Bread Stuffed French Toast as a breakfast in bed for my mommas. (Side note: To clear up any confusion, I’ve been given twice the love and support with two moms who will be getting married this August! So my “mom” is plural.) I mean, is there a better way to show a mom that you appreciate her than breakfast in bed? Not really. And oh how I appreciate and love my mommas (I tell them every day, but it’s nice to be home to show them once in a while). I’m positive that this one day a year is the only reason they didn’t toss me out me in my hellish teen years–I admit I was terrible and I’m sorry mommas (let’s chalk it up to hormones). Anyways, I started making this special breakfast in bed for them in high school with a recipe I had found online, but since then the original recipe has been long reworked and revised to create the most perfect french toast you ever did see. Test it out on your mom(s) this Sunday and you’re guaranteed to become their favorite child. Easy click & print recipe below!

 Challah Stuffed French Toast

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To see my final result check back on Monday…

Always and Forever,

Lexi & Miriah


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