All Aboard

Last Sunday, Lexi’s momma (Azar) was in town to celebrate her birthday with us; so we took the opportunity to explore the Queen Mary and have brunch at The Tea Room aboard the ship. Lunch was absolutely delicious, the weather was perfect, and the view was amazing; but it was the magical desserts that stole our hearts—no exaggerations…for once. We couldn’t stop ourselves! The two of us legit killed our desserts! Miriah had the most perfectly torched Crème Brulee and Lexi had an unreal mini chocolate mousse cake smothered in more chocolate and caramel—brb gonna go cry cause we want it again. A return is in our imminent future for the dessert alone! Talk about the most epic cheat meal ever—considering we eat Paleo 93.74536% of the time. Okay, we’ll stop making your mouth water.

Now the fashion…cause that’s really why we’re here. When it comes to our personal styles, each outfit is majorly dictated by our moods. Do you know how many different moods a girl can have? Like in one day? A lot. Then times that by two indecisively picky girls. Because of all the estrogen floatin’ around, our styles tend to be mostly unpredictable from day to day. This particular day, Miriah was obviously feelin’ like a preppy little All-American girl while Lexi had her classy casual vibe going on. We can honestly say we we’re both killin’ it. Luckily, we had Azar to capture our foxy little ‘fits.

Always and Forever,

Lexi & Miriah

P.S. Azar, we thank you for playing our personal paparazzi for the day. We hope you had as wonderful of a time with us as we did with you. Also, you’re hired whenever you get tired of your job. Muah.

Photography: Azar Mashintchian

Outfit Details:

On Lexi: Marshalls long sleeve top | Forever 21 jacket | Forever 21 necklace | H&M rings | Forever 21 sunnies | Charlotte Russe heeled sandals | Kate Spade cross body bag

On Miriah: Marshalls mini skirt | H&M jacket | Alex & Ani bangles | Forever 21 necklace | H&M sunnies | DB Shoes sneakers | Kate Spade crossbody


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